Unfortunately, accidents happen. Whether a car accident, a slip and fall, a dog bite, or medical malpractice, when you are injured due to the negligence of others, you are entitled to recover money damages in an attempt to make you whole again. Even during a light traffic collision the damages often go beyond that of a dented bumper or broken tail light. In some cases there is need for medical treatment, you lose time from work, your vehicle is taken to a shop and you have to pay rental expenses, among other problems. Having gone through the traumatic experience of an accident, dealing with insurance companies gnawing at you, dealing with loads of paperwork associated with insurance, DMV, or the tow yard is the last thing on your mind, and can add up to your stress.

Added to this is the notion that insurance companies are businesses after all, and no matter what they advertise, their bottom line is as important to them as to any other business. You can try to navigate the rough waters of an insurance claim on your own, but you will almost always find yourself against a claims adjuster with years of experience and training, whose goal is to pay as little a compensation as possible.

Our Los Angeles, CA based office has a successful track record of assisting personal injury clients who have found themselves in such difficult situations, and we will fight for you to maximize the compensation you are entitled to, including compensation for your pain and suffering, where you are entitled by the law.

It is important to note, our office will not charge attorney fees until we have secured a full recovery or settlement for you, whether through pre-litigation negotiations, through mediation, or filing a law suit to defend your rights.

If you have been a victim of negligence by others, if you have been in an accident, contact our Los Angeles, CA law firm within 24 hours and we will ensure all your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you so justly deserve. 

Our Los Angeles, CA based law firm provides services encompassing the following areas:

Personal Injuries sustained due to:

  • Auto Collisions
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Auto vs. Pedestrians
  • Slip and Fall
  • Dog Bites
  • Medical Malpractice

Remember these three easy steps when you are involved in an automobile accident:

  1. Gather Facts

It is very important to gather information about the person and the vehicle you have been in an accident with. You should obtain the person’s full name and contact information, such as phone number, home address, work address and etc. Also, make sure you ask for vehicle’s registration and insurance policy information. Often, the vehicle is registered under a different person, or the insurance is not in the name of the driver. This information will greatly help to ensure a smoother process for opening an insurance claim.

It is also important to put down names and contact information of witnesses, if any.

Taking photos of the vehicles involved, and the damages on the vehicles is a good way to preserve evidence for future use.

If law enforcement is called to the scene, and the officer writes a report, please make sure you obtain the details of the officer, such as his/her badge number and the report number. Usually, the officer will provide this information to you on a small card, which can be used to obtain the report later.

Please note, safety comes first, and before you leave your vehicle to talk to the other party involved, make sure you do not step into oncoming traffic and otherwise your surroundings are safe.

  1. Be Careful What You Say

Your conversation with the other party involved should be limited to the exchange of pertinent information. Do not discuss the accident with anyone, except to provide facts requested by law enforcement officers at the scene or information from your license or registration. Do not discuss whose fault it was, or who and what caused the accident.

  1. Contact Us Immediately

We are available to assist our clients at all times. Contact us within 24 hours following the accident about your rights and duties.

  • We provide FREE consultation
  • We will recommend appropriate doctors, if necessary
  • Most importantly, you will not be charged fee until full recovery or settlement