Immigration and Post Conviction Relief

Post Conviction Relief and Immigration

Many felony convictions, especially those deemed as “aggravated felonies” by immigration laws, and many misdemeanor convictions which are considered to be crimes of violence or crimes involving moral turpitude may have grave and sometimes irreversible consequences for non-citizens in the U.S. They may result in bars for becoming citizens and initiation of removal (or deportation) proceedings.

Once the criminal conviction is in place, the immigration laws may be at times unforgiving and the non-citizen is left with no available remedies under the immigration laws. To salvage the situation, it is sometimes possible to challenge the criminal conviction itself through various vehicles available under the State law.

For example, recently our office was successful in reducing a 9-year-old felony conviction to a misdemeanor, which in its turn should clear the way for our client to become a lawful permanent resident. If you, or your loved ones are in a difficult situation due to a criminal conviction, call our office for a FREE consultation to determine whether any of a number of post conviction relief vehicles are available to remedy your situation.